Is Grammarly helpful?

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Good grammar is essential to your credibility!

As a writer I write, re-write, edit, read my work out loud, and correct any grammar mistakes or typos before my work goes out of my hands. Yes, it takes time and slows my progress down sometimes. But I consider it essential that my work is correct. And yet as I scan the web daily, I am always surprised to see so many errors in English.

In fact today, I was reading an ad placed by an English tutor and saw this:

“Each class is private. Taking place in downtown.” May you touch my students to make safe previous how Taking this class might be Useful for you!”

I immediately thought that this person would have benefited from having Grammarly installed on their browser.

Since I consider my own English grammar to be excellent, I have not installed/used it yet. However, I wondered whether it would really help someone like this. In fact, I was asking myself if I should be recommending it to my students. So I did some research and came across a lengthy analysis and review entitled: Grammarly 2016 – Does it do all it claims to do? .

The review convinced me that the browser extension might not be perfect but it would help some people with their writing, especially in the intermediate stages of learning English.

To learn more about how Grammarly can help you, go to the Grammarly Frequently Asked Questions.

Have you tried Grammarly yet? Who do you think will benefit most from using it?


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