Who we are

Judi Bachmann is:

  • a freelance writer, assisting clients with websites, blogs,  social media and hard-copy communications.
  • a tutor, who has teaching experience with adults and children.

Judi’s business experience comes from many years as a certified management consultant (CMC) in Canada, USA, and Australia.

She also has strong educational qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Honours)
  • Associateship in Education
  • Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) Certificate
  • Freelance Writing Certificate (courses from University of Toronto)

Her personal interests are: cycling, walking, dancing, travel, art, and photography.

Len Ashby has had a distinguished career in management consulting and Information Technology (IT) and recognized with a Fellowship in the Institute of Management Consultants (FCMC).

Throughout his career, Len has maintained a strong interest and knowledge of the English language to convey images and communicate business and telecommunication concepts. In his personal life, he has used his verbal and written communication skills to promote key messages related to communities-of-interest. His editorial skills have helped clients improve both on-line and hard-copy communications.

His personal interests are: gastronomy, wine, travel, and creating “winning words” for clients to help them be more successful.

Both Judi Bachmann and Len Ashby have demonstrated their extensive knowledge of the English language as conference speakers and as published writers. Full resumes available on request.

You can learn more about us at:





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